Our History:

Throughout the 1990s, Pennsylvania grappled with revisions to the State Veterinary Practice Act. Many drafts of bills had been written during this decade, but they contained controversial language such as the introduction of facility registration. Indeed, the first bill produced by the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) never gained the approval of the State's Licensure Committee. Many years later, under new leadership and vision, a second bill was approved that was ultimately signed into law.

During this decade, Dr. Joanna Bassert, Director of Veterinary Technology at Manor College, served as an advisor to the PVMA’s Practice Act Task Force and assisted in writing the language concerning veterinary technicians. It was clear throughout the writing process, that although veterinarians were represented by the PVMA and veterinary technicians by the Veterinary Technician and Assistant Association of Pennsylvania (VTAAP), there was no organization to represent the interests of veterinary technician educators and those of the academic institutions that employed them. This became particularly apparent and problematic when the PVMA’s Practice Act Task Force proposed to eradicate the educational requirement for licensure as a veterinary technician.

In this climate of committee hearings and disputes over veterinary technician education, Dr. Bassert organized veterinary technician educators in Pennsylvania and held a meeting at Northampton County Community College to discuss the proposed amendments and to establish connections among the various programs. At this time, the group was known as the Pennsylvania Association of Veterinary Technician Educators (PAVTE). However by December 1996, faculty from colleges in neighboring states, such as New Jersey, New York and Maryland, also wanted to attend PAVTE meetings. The name was subsequently changed to the Northeast Veterinary Technician Educators Association (NEVTEA).

Dr. Bassert wanted the organization to be incorporated and to have the ability to respond effectively to legislation initiatives via a political action committee. In the spring of 1997, Dr. Bassert organized NEVTEAs founding Executive Board and sought legal support from the Small Business Clinic at the Law School of the University of Pennsylvania. Together with Dr. Charlotte LaCroix (who was a Penn Vet graduate and was coincidentally assigned to the NEVTEA case as a law student), NEVTEA was incorporated as a 501(C)6, non-profit organization. The founding Executive Board met frequently throughout the spring of 1997 to develop organizational By-Laws based on the Articles of Incorportation and NEVTEA’s Constitution.

The Founding Board consisted of:
Dr. Maj Angarano (Manor College)
Dr. Joanna Bassert (Manor College)
Wendy Cutis-Uhle, CVT (Veterinary Hospital, Univ. of Penna)
Nadine Hackman (Harcum College)
Dr. William Hay (Wilson College)

NEVTEA’s incorportation was completed in Pennsylvania in June, 1997. In May, 1998 Dr. Maj Angarano presented to the Board a graphic design and logo of her own making, which the Board enthusiastically adopted. The graphic was subsequently used on NEVTEA stationary, signage and other materials that were printed in the summer.

With much gratification, Dr. Bassert watched the passage of the PVMA’s second bill, which was passed in Nov 2002, and which guaranteed continued educational mandates for veterinary technicians in the state of Pennsylvania.

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